A street sign project during the pandemic. 2020-2021

Road signs play a massive role in making roads safe.

I was in Dublin during the pandemic and the first lockdown.
The streets were empty.

I’ve seen so many images of the same situation from all over the world. They
were everywhere. New Urban scenarios that felt like new builds ready to be filled with
buzzing life. People were confused and scared, lost in their apartments, while out there,
everything stood still.

I was fascinated by this moment. Inside I felt lost and confused, but the town felt like a
beautiful, calm landscape somewhere in the Irish countryside.
I could not believe such a quiet place could be translated into inner confusion.
Streets were deprived of their own identity and replaced with a new rule. I thought to
balance the situation.

Taking something ordinary that usually gives order and
directions, I decided to turn reality into a total mess.
Street signs with opposites, tautologies in a unique juxtaposition.
It was fun, and it was worth it.