Ciao from Dublin!

My work in stills and videos focuses on an honest portrayal of personalities, feelings, and stories, with mainly real people helping build campaigns for brands and companies.

I like to keep up a good mood, have fun and be friendly. I’m very organized and tidy on the sets while solving problems to deliver the best content to the clients. I also have excellent skills in photo retouching and video editing. In this way, creatives can discuss, on the set, with me directly to solve any future problems and have a one to one conversation during the selection/delivery of the content.

I’m passionate about travel and documentary photography. It helps me discover the cultural differences that make people and countries unique and translate them into my pictures.

A brief history

My childhood was spent between Northern and Southern Italy. I’m the youngest of 4 siblings that span 17 years from the eldest down to me. The ’80s and ’90s also influence my photographic style: I work using a candid and lo-fi approach by utilising the best available equipment in film, video as well the latest in digital media. 

As I was working more and more out of Italy, to advance my English language skills, I moved to Dublin in 2014. What I didn’t know was that I would fall in love and I make Ireland my home ever since…

Recent Clients: Bacardi, Invicta, Ferrero-Estathe’, Spar, Nestle’- Fitness, Martini, Arena, Ubi Banca, McDonald’s, Nuvenia, Icon, Cantine Antinori, Campari, Alfapraf Milano, McCann, Havas, Prodigious, BBDO, DLVBBDO, Saatchi and Saatchi, Publicis Milan… 

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For Enquiries in Italy:

+39 02 55196647
[email protected]