Frida – Portmarnock Dublin

I believe everyone spent lockdown in different ways. Some discovered their passion. Some developed personal skills; some enjoyed the time with family or had time for meditation. For myself, the lockdown was tough. I was missing what my photography is telling about people around me. Collecting their memories and showing what’s beautiful and maybe witty in them.
I was watching the world gently spinning around, but I understood it is not late to write new stories and to start new projects. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful people. Friends that I can count on, they cheer me up and let me see wonderful colours and gorgeous smiles.
Special thank goes to Frida – model in this lifestyle photoshoot. We spent all day together talking, laughing, and eating food. These pics are the result of a tiny part of our time that day. My photography, first of all, is a connection with other people. In this project, you’ll find a young girl, full of charisma that takes time for herself and when she goes outside to read a book and explore, she reminds, even to me, what really does matter… a smile. Thank you Frida xxx

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