A Documentary project around a Crossfit Competition for Charity and Friendship

No news that since November 2020, I have been training from home and at gyms, but I have never done CrossFit. In the gym, I still have the feeling that people are judging me. Have you ever felt the same?

I know you have.

Some of the extra weight I need to lose is still there, but “I’m taking my time”, and travelling for work in the middle of the training program doesn’t help. (excuses)

Nor my homemade pizza! Lol

Now! The point is. What if I’m telling you training is fun? There is a lot of sweat, tears and blood (Well, not really tears and blood, I want to make this article more dramatic) but sweat and self-discipline.

Getting inside the sports world, I gained knowledge of conditioning exercises, strength training and all the terminology that honestly doesn’t really sustain this project because the project is about friendship.

I always looked at CrossFit people as pumping-fist (all the time) humans who want to push their boundaries and are willing to be gods, but I learned there is much more there.

CrossFit is a discipline based on teamwork, effort and communication.

Taking these pictures for a charity event, I realised that people care and count on others. Were these friends? Acquaintances? Strangers? They were a mix that, in the end, shared the experience and achieved the same goal.

Sneaking around, I could capture moments of significant social engagement and support. Everyone was pushing everyone, even people from other teams. Teams of two that were competing against each other.

It was fantastic and surprising to meet these people and document what they have done. This is not a sport where you need to be fit. This is a social activity that puts feeling and trust first.

I might give it a go myself. Would you?