What is Movember?

Movember is a global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health.

This is my contribution to build awareness and help this wonderful project. In the past years, I was lucky enough to see my father recovering from prostate cancer. Men too often are not really inclined to talk about private issues, and most of the times, these issues are not disappearing, but they are just getting bigger and bigger.

With my Movember self-portrait project, I want to show my vulnerability how I like to be and my childish creativity.

Starting with a clean shave from Day1, I will take a selfie with an Instant camera once a day. I want to try to make every day different. I want that every day counts.

I’m surrounded by a lot of fantastic people ready to help me with this project, and I’ll be more than happy to take a picture of them and sharing here the chat that we had. At the end of the page, you will find a list of links to know more about Movember.

We are looking for your support sharing this photo project, and If you would be able to donate here, it’s my page.

Thank you.




On the first day, I decided to add to my Journal a new notebook dedicated to the stories, ideas and motivations I can learn and found to develop my self-portrait project.

Inside I will collect bits and pieces of everything that I think is essential and maybe some silly things and thoughts as well.

The Goal is to build Awareness!

DAY 18


A few days ago I saw my flight for Christmas Cancelled due to Covid19.

Since then I try to find a nice, and maybe unusual, way to send my greetings for holidays. I couldn’t forget that in one month it will also be my parent’s 65th wedding anniversary. I come out with the idea to dedicate one picture of the Movember self-portrait project and make a postcard from it that I sent with to my family with regular mail.

I want to dedicate this portrait/postcard to all the people that like me would not be able to go back to their countries or visit their parents this year.

I hope this selfie will be handled across Europe by many people, making them smile. Maybe it will also have enough power to make them remember their home and towns.

After the scan of the self-portrait Day22, I decided to cut it and write a few lines.

The poetry decided that I had to throw away a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. So I did.

This is a memory of a memory that won’t be repeated.

A digital doppelgänger is still in the collection while the original with one eye might be lost in those pages.


Movember for me is about a conversation. It’s about the conversation that is had between people. Movember gives people the platform to talk openly and honestly about mental health. About what it means to them and how it has affected them. Mental health is no longer the topic we don’t talk about. It’s out there and it’s on the lips of people. Movember gives them that opening line and having the visual representation of that, manifested in the growth of a moustache, gives people that starting point.

“Doing Movember yeah?”
“Yeah man, it’s a great cause”
“Totally agree. Man it’s been such a tough”
I know. Why don’t you tell me about it?”

But the journey regarding mental health doesn’t just belong to the month of November. It’s with us all year around. Movember is just the start. Now lets all take this journey together. Lets be there for each other. Lets talk about mental health.

If you want to know more about Movember, please check their website

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